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Greenhouse/Hot House Kit 11 x 22 x 7


Greenhouse/Hot House Kit with heated mat 7″ helps control humidity for better rooting and growth from seedlings and cuttings from your prized plants.
This dome features two(2) top mounted adjustable vents and side vents to achieve fresh air flow and desired humidity levels. More air floe will decrease humidity.
1. Lay down the heat mat on a smooth surface (not cement or steel – it draws too much heat away).
2. Place the kit directly on top of the heat mat.
3. Fill the tray with your favorite growing medium and seeds, moisten with water (ideally with ph levels around 5.5-6.0).
4. Place the dome on top of the tray. Rotate the “sun” dial at the top of the dome to open/close the air vents.
5. Do not over water. Keep moist, not wet, and do not allow to dry out completely.
6. Allow 4 – 7 days for seeds to germinate.
7. Once plants are several inches tall, transplant and watch them grow.

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