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Pink Quill Bromeliad in Lava Rock (tillandsia cyanea)


Terrestrial, ground-dwelling bromeliads take water in through their root systems, as well as through special scales on their leaves which enable them to absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves. The roots of these ephiphytic bromeliads serve to anchor them to their host plants, often times high in the treetops where dead leaves decay and rainwater fill the central “cup” of the plant. The bromeliad species smaller genus, Tillandsia, (commonly called “air plants”) can be glued to a magnet or mounted on driftwood or some such object. We, at Bonsai Boy, drill a hole in a textured piece of lava rock for the Pink Quill bromeliad to grow. Our Pink Quill bromeliad is vey easy to care for. Just fill the base of the plant with water and keep it on a tray filled with water. The bloom will last for months and then re-appear after it has rested.

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